RootsTech & Storied Review

Published on 11 March 2023 at 09:00


Every March we anxiously await the conference that is RootsTech. Genealogists from around the world either attend in person or log on to social media and their website to discover new platforms, and research tools, & hear amazing guest speakers discuss their own genealogy journey.


This year the three-day experience was made extra special with the inclusion of our February guest blogger Heather Haunert and Storied. Dividing Ridge Genealogy was asked to participate in the platform's very beginnings and we wanted to share our review.


Storied is very different from Ancestry but also similar. The new platform allows its users to share stories about their ancestry, genealogy research or specialties, photos, and more in the form of posts. Think FaceBook for genealogists. You can even research historical records and utilize Newspaper Archives while you are logged on and upload your GEDCOM file so you can view and add to your family tree. 


When writing a story and preparing to publish the site lets you tag relatives from your tree whom the story pertains to. The overall interactions with other users have been positive and while the platform went through some growing pains it will certainly be a great tool for those of us who enjoy writing as well as researching. 


What I have enjoyed the most though is reading through some of the other member's stories and seeing their great photos or learning about a new genealogical research topic. Of course, we think one genealogy site is just as good as another but Storied does something different in that now our family stories can be shared and back up those primary documents and resources we have held onto from other sites like, MyHeritage, and others. 


I like to think of it as the series of the PBS show Finding Your Roots but for the web. I highly recommend fellow genealogists and researchers to check out Storied and follow them on social media for all the latest updates.


Congratulations to Heather for her amazing FaceBook Live event at RootsTech and all that the Storied team is doing to help others to Branch Out their family trees. 


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