Chat GPT 4: Your New Genealogy Assistant by Carole McCulloch

Published on 8 April 2023 at 09:00

If you are interested in using technology to help with your genealogical research and
ancestral storytelling, you may want to explore the possibilities of artificial
intelligence (AI). Tools and platforms that are powered by AI can give you a lot of
information and insights that can help you learn about your family history and write
interesting stories about your ancestors.

Here are some ways that AI can be used to assist with genealogy:
1. Image recognition: AI-powered image recognition tools can help you identify
and analyse old family photos, even if you don't know who the people in the
photos are. These tools can also help you date and geolocate the photos.
2. Natural language processing: Natural language processing (NLP) tools can
help you transcribe and analyse old documents and letters, including
handwritten documents. NLP tools can also help you identify and analyse
patterns in language use, such as the use of specific words or phrases. Chat
GPT is the latest one of the large language models accessible for free for

3. Record matching: AI-powered record matching tools can help you find
matches between your family tree and genealogical records, such as census

records or immigration records. These tools can save you time and effort in
searching for records manually.

4. Ancestral storytelling: AI-powered platforms can help you create compelling
ancestral stories by analysing your family history data and generating
personalized narratives. These platforms can also help you create family tree
visualizations and timelines.


5. DNA analysis: AI-powered DNA analysis tools can help you identify genetic
connections with other people and discover your ethnic heritage. These tools
can also help you identify potential matches with unknown relatives.
You can expedite your genealogical research and tell engaging stories about your
ancestors by using platforms and tools that are AI-powered. While AI can never
replace the human touch, it can provide a valuable supplement to traditional
research methods and help you discover new insights into your family history.

Focus on using Chat GPT to help
with your research!

Note: I used the above prompt and response to shape my latest AI enhanced
Research Log Template. I have shared this template for you in the links below this
blog post.

Having Chat GPT 4 help you with your research can be a game changer. It can
change the way you do genealogical research and tell stories about your ancestors.
I've recently recruited Chat GPT 4 as my research assistant and have been
astounded by its capabilities as someone who is passionate about family history. 
My recent research prompts in Chat GPT 4 really resonated with me, and I shared
some of those responses in video tips on my YouTube channel. 

Chat GPT 4 can help you improve how you plan your research, including how you
store, analyse, and check your ancestors records. With its natural language
processing and machine learning capabilities, Chat GPT 4 can help you make sense

of complex family history data and provide insights and recommendations that can
take your research to the next level. 

I am excited to share my prompts, strategies, and achievements in using Chat GPT
4 as a research assistant with others who are interested in using this innovative
technology in their family history pursuits. Whether you're a beginner or an
experienced genealogist, Chat GPT 4 can be an invaluable tool in discovering your
roots and creating a legacy for your family.

Chat GPT-4: Your New Genealogy Research Assistant!
Today, I am introducing you to the incredible Chat GPT-4, your brand-new genealogy
research assistant! This is how it describes itself and the services it claims to provide
for you. These are brief overviews of its capabilities for genealogists; look for more
detailed explanations of each of those in my blog posts at

What is Chat GPT-4?
First things first, let us talk about what Chat GPT-4 is! With Chat GPT-4, an
advanced AI language model that Open AI made, it's like having your own personal
genie for family history research! It's capable of understanding and processing
natural language, which means you can ask it questions and it'll provide you with
super-informative answers. So, whether you're a seasoned genealogist or a newbie
just starting your family tree, Chat GPT-4 has got your back!

How to Use Chat GPT-4 for Genealogy Research
Now, let us dive into how you can use Chat GPT-4 for your genealogy research. It's
as easy as pie! All you must do is ask Chat GPT-4 your questions, and it will help
you find historical records, discover new resources, and even give you tips on where
to look next. From census data to military records, Chat GPT-4 is a goldmine of
advice for those seeking their family roots.

The Power of Chat GPT-4 for Breaking Down Brick Walls
We all know that feeling when we hit a brick wall in our genealogy research. But
don't worry, Chat GPT-4 is here to save the day! This powerful AI can help you get
past those roadblocks in your research by giving you creative solutions, new
perspectives, and useful insights. It's like having a team of genealogy experts right at
your fingertips!

Collaborating with Chat GPT-4
But wait, there's more! Chat GPT-4 isn't just a research tool; it's also a fantastic
collaboration partner. By connecting with other genealogists using Chat GPT-4, you
can share information, exchange ideas, and work together to solve even the most
challenging genealogical mysteries. So, get ready to unleash the power of
community and technology combined!

What’s New at Chat GPT Plus?

Note: I used this Keywords enhanced template to produce the response in the
image displayed below.

The new Keywords Template in Chat GPT Plus is a powerful feature that will improve
the user experience and make it easier to make content that is relevant. It focuses on
making the process of content creation more targeted and easier to manage.

The Keywords Template allows users to input specific keywords that they want the
Chat GPT Plus model to focus on. By doing so, the AI incorporates these keywords
into the generated content, making it more relevant and tailored to the users needs.

1. Keyword prioritization: The Keywords template prioritizes the provided
keywords, ensuring that they are seamlessly integrated into the generated

2. Improved relevance: The use of keywords enhances the relevance and context
of the generated text, resulting in higher-quality content.

3. Flexibility: The Keywords Template can be used across various content types,
such as blog posts, social media updates, and marketing materials.

To use the new Keywords Template in Chat GPT Plus, users simply need to enter
their desired keywords in the template prompt. The AI then crafts the content, taking
into consideration the keywords provided. This feature is especially helpful for
content creators, marketers, and businesses that need content that is targeted and
relevant to the situation. By incorporating the Keywords Template, users can save

time, improve content quality, and achieve better results in their content creation

 As you work with Chat GPT-4, it learns from your interactions and becomes
more attuned to your research needs.
 The more you use GPT-4, the better it gets at giving you personalized help to
get past problems in your genealogy research.

How am I using Chat GPT for Genealogy?

Chat GPT has become a tool used daily to help with all facets of my genealogy
research for my stories at Writing in Progress blog, and instructional design for my
lessons at my Preserving Family History Academy.

Recently, the Essential Genealogy Facebook Community scheduled webinars in
which colleagues and I showcased how to “Unlock Your Family’s Past with AI
Assisted Genealogy Research”. You’ll find the recording in this YouTube channel


Alright, my fellow genealogy enthusiasts, that's a wrap on Chat GPT-4, your new
genealogy research assistant! I hope you're as excited as I am to dive into the world
of family history with this amazing tool.

Now, before we wrap things up, I want to remind you to subscribe to my YouTube
channel. I've got loads more fantastic content coming your way, and I don't want you
to miss a single video. So, come on, join the fun, and lets uncover our family
histories with AI together!

Remember, the more you explore, the more you'll discover, and who knows, you
might just uncover some long-lost family secrets! So, grab your magnifying glass, fire
up Chat GPT-4, and let's start researching!

From My Desk to Yours:
Below is the link for your FREE Research Log Template, designed by AI.

Research Log Template 2023
Coach Carole



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