Dividing Ridge Genealogy is here to assist individuals & families research their family trees. Whether you want to learn more about an ancestor, or have a desire to build your family tree & branch out we can help.

Dividing Ridge Genealogy understands your need for privacy. Therefore we will not share our genealogical research or information with outside sources without prior permission from our client(s). We adhere to the understanding that there are benchmarks to meet when it comes to making sure research is credible. Those are:


1. Ensuring all research has been completed, and exhausted.

2. Each statement of fact has a complete accurate source citation.

3. The evidence is reliable and has been skillfully correlated and interpreted.

4. Any contradictory evidence has been resolved.

5. The conculsion has been soundly reasonsed and coherently written.

This standard helps genealogists to determine what we know, decide what we want to learn, and the basis for approaching difficult research problems using indirect evidence, while coming to a secure and sound conclusion.

The following process is the starting point for researching your family history. As the project becomes better defined and understood, genealogists can adjust the genealogy research to help you meet your goals, and objectives that will ultimately help your tree to branch out. 


1. Define the research: This will take place during a consultation.

2. Develop a research plan: Steps will be implemented to help find the inforamtion you or your family is seeking.

3. Conducting the research: This may entail library information, Register of Deeds documents, Vital records, Census records, cemetery listings, and more. 

4. Analyze the findings: We constantly analyze any information found for client(s) for accuracy throughout the research process. I also compare documents and confirm or disprove conclusions. 

5. Presentation: Client(s) will receive a final presentation of their family tree once all steps have been taken and research has met its end. 

6. Clients will receive research documentation with citations, links, book titles,  for their personal use.


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