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Resolving a "one-in-the-same" person Conflict for two early 18th Century Ancestors Philip Thieler

     A client recently requested assistance in addressing two “one-in-the-same” person conflicts which arose while going through the application process for a lineage society. Since there appeared to be no direct evidence which would explicitly identify his fifth-generation ancestors, my research focused on analyzing birth records with a view of going through a process of elimination and maximizing the use of correlating different pieces of indirect evidence which, in the end, would possibly enable me to resolve the two “one-in-the-same” person conflicts.  The following proof argument is the result of my research.   

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Weather, Old Wives' Tales, & Appalachia

Living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and having grown up here it is easy to hear relatives speak about the weather using various terminology, and going by various signs. These mountain sayings keep the traditions of our dialect and heritage close. We can interpret them from generation to generation for anyone new to our region(s) and can always enjoy their reactions whenever one is said.

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February Research Project Ideas

February is officially here and with it the signs and symbols of Saint Valentine. So, what is a genealogist to do during this month that celebrates love? Here are a few wonderful project ideas to try:

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Holiday Gifts for Geneealogists

Like some of us I too can be a last minute shopper when it comes to holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. I have found that the ability to find a great deal, or something unique and useful to be the most important. Personally, a great mug, cozy warm sweater or blanket, and access to great genealogy tools online are always welcome gifts. 

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Thanksgiving Traditions

It's an early morning in October 1863 and the White House is quiet. The nation has won a long and hard-fought battle at Gettysburg. The only sound inside of Secretary of State William Seward's office is the scratching of his pen as it flows across a piece of paper. 

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