Storied Launch by Heather Haunert

Published on 4 February 2023 at 08:00

Storied - The Next Chapter in Family History

I have been interested in genealogy my entire adult life - more than 25 years. What started as a hobby has turned into work I am passionate about with a company that understands the importance of family history.


I started at World Archives almost two years ago. In that time, the team has been working hard to develop a family history site that appeals to the masses on multiple levels. And we have finally launched! On January 18th, World Archives rebranded as Storied. This “next chapter in family history” is built for storytelling, relationships outside the tree, collaboration, and affordability.



Stories are a vital part of family history. While names and dates are important, it’s the stories we remember. Storied incorporates a user-friendly story creator that makes writing stories quick and easy. Plus, they are simple to share with others. 


A much-needed feature in family history is the ability to add relationships outside the traditional family tree. These non-familial relationships are part of the Storied experience. Our lives are full of people who have impacted who we are, and at Storied, we believe it’s important to showcase those people as part of your family history. We even have a new, experimental “connections” feature that creates a graphic visualization of how EVERYONE fits into your tree - related or not.

Collaboration and Affordability

Collaboration and affordability are central to the Storied platform. Millions of people are priced out of family history because of the cost of joining similar sites. At Storied, we have created an affordable option that allows users to view historical records, build trees, write and share stories, and even create groups in a private, secure space. We have also integrated the collection at NewspaperArchive to make Storied THE site for family history.

Storied Social Media

Our YouTube channel has fun, new commercials and many demo and tip videos to help you get started with Storied. Check it out HERE!


Plus, follow us on social media to see tips and ideas on how to use Storied.





Final Thoughts

I am so proud to be part of this amazing journey in family history, and I can’t wait to see even more new features as our story unfolds. Visit now to get a special offer: a 2-month Storied Plus subscription for the price of 1-month. 


If you are part of a genealogy group or club, please feel free to reach out to me. I would be more than happy to set-up a time to do a webinar to showcase Storied and what it has to offer family history lovers everywhere. You can contact me at

Written by:
Heather Haunert

Associate Marketing Manager



Thank you to Heather Haunert and everyone who helped to make Storied possible. Dividing Ridge Genealogy was honored to be included amoung those who have tested and activiely participated on the platform. What's your story? 

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