Holiday Gifts for Geneealogists

Published on 9 December 2023 at 09:00

Like some of us I too can be a last minute shopper when it comes to holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. I have found that the ability to find a great deal, or something unique and useful to be the most important. Personally, a great mug, cozy warm sweater or blanket, and access to great genealogy tools online are always welcome gifts. 


In the spirit of the holidays and those great sales that are happening, we have decided to share a few items here that might interest some last minute gift shoppers and genealogists (and historians). Visit our Services page or Contact us to inquire about our History & Heritage Holiday Specials. We hope you find something here to help make the season bright. 

One of the most precious gifts someone can gift a genealogists or even a family member is a Life Story Keepsake journal. These journals ask questions from what is was your first memory to what was your favorite thing to do growing up and so much more. A few years ago we purchased one of these for our father, and he has been filling the pages ever since. He has written stories about his childhood, the family members he grew up with and knew, and what they were like. The memories that are written down are preserved for generations and are truly priceless. Check out this one on ETSY. 

I love a good saying on a t-shirt and these days there are some really clever one's out there. One of my favorites use to read "I'm a Historian, you do the math..." (I can do math but history is my first love). So, here are a few shirts to consider. They are also on ETSY this holiday season and can make fun gifts for the genealogist(s) or researcher(s) in your life. 

Here is a high-tech ancestor resarch tool that most ladies will love, and maybe gentlemen too. Check out this unique gift that will tickle the senses this holiday season. 

A great gift for anyone who has a passion is a mug. From coffee to tea and everythign inbetween (hot chocolate is always a must-have around the holidays), these gift items can be personalized with your name(s) and made truly special with genealogy sayings, quotes, and more on display. Maybe fill one with a favorite candy and gift wrap it for a heartwarming and tasty gift this holiday. 

Woodcharts have always appealed to me. Maybe it's the tree, maybe it's the symbology from understanding one's roots. Whatever it is, ETSY crafts some beautiful woodcharts filled with individual family histories and genealogies. Check out this one and Branch Out this holiday with something unique. 

As researchers we often have to tote things around. Notebooks, pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, sometimes files etc... So whatever you need to take along, this gift can carry it all. Check out tote bags for Genealogists and researchers on various sites, including Dividing Ridge Genealogy. Here is a great one from ETSY. 

Like holidays, birthdays can be really special. What better way to celebrate these precious milestones than by displaying them? Check out this beautiful Personalized Family Birthday Calendar. 

If you're familiy has a coat of arms and would like to have it on display along with the history of their surname(s), this is a wonderful gift to consider getting. ETSY's artisians will frame it and personalize for your family member(s) to enjoy. 

Remember, no matter the gift(s) you receive this season the greatest gift will always be that someone thought of you, what you enjoy, and picked out something from their hearts. Be sure to also check out your local historical-genealogical societies too for books, mugs, memberships, newsletters, and more. Ancestry, My Heritage, Find My Past, Fold 3, and other platforms also have great holiday bargins on their research tools, and DNA kit(s). 





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