Dividing Ridge Genealogy Does...

  • Consult with our clients about research and their goals
  • Offer Zoom consultaitons
  • Decipher handwriting on old records
  • Digitize records, information, and provide client(s) with reports 
  • Assist in finding missing information or individuals within a family tree
  • Conduct heir, beneficiary, and probate research
  • See our research service packages & Gift Card details below.

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Gift Cards

Give the Gift of a Family Tree - Great for any Occasion

A family tree makes a unique gift for parents, grandparents, and even children.If you're looking for a great gift idea during the holiday season, or any occasion, a personalized family tree is a great present that will last for generations. You may also inquire about our Dividing Ridge Genealogy Gift Certificates for family members, co-workers, or friends. 

We are Celebrating One Year!

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