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Discovering your Patriot Ancestor

On this July 4th, we will not only celebrate our 246th year of American Independence, but we also have an opportunity to honor the memory of two of our Founding Fathers – John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. 196 years ago on the 4th of July, they both quietly passed away just four hours apart. They began as Founding Brothers and ended as rivals. Though they may have had political differences, neither one wavered in their untiring belief in the republican form of government they helped create.

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Information Wanted - The Search for Missing Irish Family by Heather Haunert

The search for lost and missing ancestors is commonplace for family historians and genealogists. Today, we are able to utilize technology to our advantage to cast a wider net in hopes of catching these elusive members of our tree, and even then, we aren’t always successful. But what about one hundred or two hundred years ago? How did friends and family members find missing loved ones?

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