February Research Project Ideas

Published on 10 February 2024 at 09:00

February is officially here and with it the signs and symbols of Saint Valentine. So, what is a genealogist to do during this month that celebrates love? Here are a few wonderful project ideas to try:


Write an ancestors' love story. 

Follow an ancestors' life leading up to their relationship and include in their story milestones such as their wedding, possible photos or newspaper clippings, the birth of their child or children, their anniversaries, and more. 


Sweet Recipes


Go through an old recipe book and find something sweet this Valentine's Day and share it with loved ones. Fudge, cakes, or cookies can make great gifts, but so can the stories and memories behind them. 



Old Valentine's Day Family Traditions


Look into traditions and share them with other relatives. What were, or are, some wonderful Valentine's Day traditions your family has had, and have they been passed down? One of my favorite traditions was receiving a heart shaped box filled with chocolate candy with different fillings inside given by our grandmother each year. 



Celebrate February Birthdays


Do any ancestors in your family tree have a birthday in February? If so, spend some time learning more about them and share their stories in mini-biographies. This can also help us researchers to build on branches we have not been able to get around to. 


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