4th of July Traditions

Published on 4 July 2023 at 09:00


Fourth of July traditions run as deep as the roots to the very beginning of our nation. Every 4th our family held a cook out, enjoyed the local parade, and of course fireworks.

As I grew older a few things changed. I was part of our high school marching band and walked many a 4th of July and Christmas parade route both locally and in neighboring counties. One thing that has never changed though is how much I enjoyed all of it and still do. 


Holiday traditions have always facinated me. How did they start? What is the history behind them? How is it possible we preserve and maintain them generation after generation?


The 4th or July comes about thanks to our Founding Fathers. During the first Independence Day celebration all 13 colonies were represented by canons and rifles being fire 13 times, and yes, 13 fireworks.


In Philadelphia the Declaration was read aloud, bands played, and bells echoed throughout town squares.


Today, we continue many of these same traditions. Marching bands pay tribute to the founding of the United States with rousing renditions of pieces such John Philip Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever, fireworks go off, and in my small corner of Appalachia the Declaration has been read aloud for the community.


Whatever your family holiday traditions may be, it is worth noting that the 4th, as many Federal holidays, is a day of remembrance, reflection, and a time for family and friends.


It's a time to look back and remember how far we've come. Traditions tie us together as family, friends, and as a nation. While we are all different, we are also very much the same. We are as unique as America during its birth and just as strong as its 247 year history.


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