Thanksgiving Genealogy Articles

Published on 12 November 2022 at 08:00

November is upon us and with it Thanksgiving is soon to come. Dividing Ridge Genealogy would like to say how thankful we are to our followers, bloggers, guests, and supporters for visiting and participating in our articles this year. We hope everyone will find these Thanksgiving articles helpful, heartwarming, and as memorible as we did. To become a special guest blogger please visit our contact page and message us or visit us on social media. Happy Thanksgiving from our family tree to yours! ~Dividing Ridge Genealogy 


"It might seem like an odd combination at first glance, but genealogy and Thanksgiving are deeply intertwined – whether we would like them to be or not.  In this post, I want to explore the complicated relationship between our family histories, our country’s history, and how it all plays out on our kitchen table once every year..."  ~Read more at the link below


"Have you heard ofNational Family History Day? The U.S. Surgeon General first declared Thanksgiving to be National Family History Day since 2004. Many genealogists see Thanksgiving as an opportunity to record family history. The U.S. Surgeon General points out that it is also a good time to record your family health history." ~ Read more at the link below


"Oh the joy of receiving personalized Seasons Greetings from family and friends! This stalwart tradition of connecting with loved ones around the holidays may have evolved over the years,... ~Read more at the link below


"Genealogy brings you closer to your family, but holidays also remind us of how many family members you no longer see..." ~ Read more at the link below


"With Thanksgiving Day coming up, millions of us will soon dig into Thanksgiving and all of its tasty traditions. As you gather with family and friends, consider incorporating family history into your Thanksgiving activities. These 5 tips for adding family history to your holiday menu will surely bring you closer to your loved ones as you gather together this holiday season..." ~ Read more at the link below

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