Favorite & Historical Photos by Patti La Marr

Published on 10 September 2022 at 08:00

Favorite and Historical Photo of My Parents

One of my favorite photos is one of my mother and father, Frank & Dorothy La Marr.  This photo is both personal and historic.  It was taken during the WWII era and was the photo he sent to his relatives announcing he marriage. 

My mother at the time was living in Arcadia, California. 


My mother’s family had moved Kanasa in the early 1920’s, my father, as a young man, moved to California, also in the early 1920’s from Omaha, Nebraska.  The met working at at fast food café in Arcadia California.  


What do I consider histrorcal about this photo?  At the time this photo was taken my mother’s parents lived in Arcadia, California across from the Santa Anita race track and if you will notice in the background are the interment buildings were the Japanese were housed.

Thank you to genealogist Patti La Marr for being our guest this month on History & Heritage. Please follow Patti at LinkedIn for more information & reach out to is via our Contact page if you would like to be featured. 

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